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We have curated a range of high performance products that are all natural and toxin-free.
All our products are packaged without plastic, making us a truly sustainable brand.
We assure you that our eco-responsibility commitment is non-negotiable.

Madras Soapery products are created out of our love for the planet and our goal to remove toxins from our homes and the environment. We use premium quality ingredients that are plant & mineral based and are completely biodegradable.

Our range of products work better than the synthetic cleaners available in the market and we have really worked hard to keep the pricing affordable. We believe that toxin-free is only one half of the problem, caring for the environment is the other half and that’s why our products are in plastic free packaging.


Sustainability is a mindset change.
One eco-friendly choice at a time and soon it’s a lifestyle.


All natural & handcrafted.

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High performance and eco-friendly.

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Cleans, shines and deodorises.

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All natural dog shampoo bar.

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Organic Soap

Hand-made With Love
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Home Cleaning

Eco Friendly and non-toxic. Cleans, shines and deodorises.

Laundry Soutions

High performance and eco-friendly.

Personal Care

All natural artisanal soaps.

Pet Care

All Natural Dog Shampoo Bar


I have been using the cleaning products of Madras Soapery for over a year. I find them very effective and I will definitely be using them in future too.

Sashikala Ananth
Architect, Kotagiri.

As a brand, I love what Madras Soapery stands for! A vision, an intent, a purpose that is beyond the everyday! Each and every product the brand creates is a culmination of that vision in a way that as a user, making it a part of my everyday feels like I’m contributing to a better tomorrow; a tomorrow that will be cleaner, greener, kinder!

Akhila Krishnamurthy
Journalist, Chennai.

Ever since I used the test batch of Madras Soapery's detergents and cleaning powders, there was no looking back. I'd rather delay my laundry than use any other detergent. It feels good that I'm not contributing to toxins in the drainage! I like all their products...if it's good for the planet, it's more than good for me.

Nina Subramani
Film maker/ Teacher, Chennai.

I’ve been using Madras Soapery’s laundry products for the past year and absolutely love them! It was such an easy switch since they have the entire range - from laundry bars to washing machine detergent. The products are gentle yet effective, super clean and affordable for long term use. I’m a customer for life!

Ishaani Goyal
Co-founder of Suhi & Sego, New Delhi.

Madras Soapery is a favourite go to for my skin, my clothes and for my everyday endevour to be sustainable. Thoughtful products, made with care and used with joy!

Anuradha Nagaraj
Journalist, Chennai.

My search for a natural and yet effective deodorant stops at Madras Soapery. It's become a favourite of my family and friends now.

Shivani Vij
Baker, New Delhi.

Love Madras Soapery's products! I have wanted to get my home chemical free for ages now. I use the laundry detergent, oxygen bleach and stain remover for our clothes, the dishwashing bars and powder for the kitchen and the absolutely delicious coffee soap for our baths!

Dinaz Irani
Yoga teacher, Dahanu.

I was attracted to the detergents because of the concept of no chemicals that would pollute the earth or it's waters. The beautiful surprise bonus was the pure fragrance. Something very organic and fresh. My daughters love it too. Good wishes to Madras Soapery.

Bhamini Narayanan
Entrepreneur, Chennai.

I wanted reduce the number of products I buy that come in plastic and contain chemicals. I came across Madras Soapery's home cleaning products, which in addition to being all natural and ecologically friendly both in contents and packing, also smell divine and come beautifully packaged! I have taught my house staff how to use them (they were reluctant to begin with!) and now they are converted . . .my housekeeper even bought the laundry soap to use in her own house! Now that is a testament to both the effectiveness of the product and its value.

Natasha Conlon
Lawyer, Chennai.

Honest is the word that comes to mind when I think of Madras soapery products. I love the gentle fragrance of the laundry detergent, how the soap leaves my skin feeling clean & smooth and the crisp comforting scents of their deodorants.

Sabina Narayan
Coordinator - Community & Social Development, Chennai.

I have been using Madras Soapery’s laundry products for around a year now and I’m so happy with them. The combination of oxygen bleach and the laundry detergent have my sheets staying white for once, which has always been a challenge in the past. The fact that the whole thing comes in sustainable packaging is icing on the cake. Can’t go back to any other brand now!

Shivani Chandran
Web Designer, Bengaluru.

Ever since I started using soaps from Madras Soapery, bath time feels like spa time. I also love their Lavender and Spearmint All Natural Deodorant Cream. It's become an essential for me!

Prerna Kalra
Parent Educator, Parenting Matters, Chennai.