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Are your products organic?

Organic refers to ingredients of plant origin. Many of our ingredients are mineral based and hence cannot be classified organic. All our ingredients are natural and biodegradable. We prioritize sourcing our oils from local organic farmers who do not use pesticides and other chemicals or who practice sustainable agriculture. SInce they are small scale, they cannot afford certification.

Are your products vegan, and do you test on animals?
Are your products free of palm-oil?
Do your products contain synthetic additives?
What is the complete list of ingredients for each product?
Why is the toilet cleaner not available in liquid form?
How can we use powders to clean toilets/WC?
Why powder form?
But isn’t plastic recycled these days?
Is your packaging recyclable?
Is the dishwash powder safe for the Dishwasher?
Why aren’t the fragrances long lasting?
Why does the powder clump sometimes?
What is the best way to store your products?
All natural

Handmade in small batches